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Innovators Showcase

Get to know some of our BlueTechValley innovators who are working to commercialize clean-energy technologies in the areas of water, energy, and agriculture that benefit California electric ratepayers. We are pleased to showcase the growing list of companies BTV is supporting and the

varied technologies they have to offer.

More of our

Innovators Showcase

AgMonitor (Formerly PowWow Energy) - Website

AjO - Website

All Power Labs - Website


BioFiltro - Website

BLH Aqua Technology - Website

BoxPower Inc. - Website

GreenTech Motors - Website

Grey4Green - Website

Hyper-Chute Systems - Website

Opcondys - Website

Perigo Company LLC - Website

Pumpsight - Website

PIP Pulsators - Website

Skyven Technologies - Website

Sweep Energy - Website

Waterfind - Website

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