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Fresno State’s Water, Energy and Technology (WET) Center is on a mission to support innovators and entrepreneurs on the path to commercialization through training, coaching and networking. The WET Center manages the BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster, one of four clusters created with California Energy Commission funding to help develop new water-, energy-, and ag-related technologies and innovations.


The WET Center

In addition to Fresno State, the WET Center works with six Hubs and multiple program partners to provide key facilities, services, and resources to entrepreneurs located in the defined 39-county Central Valley region.


The WET Center is dedicated to nurturing a rich culture of collaboration, community, and connections focused on bringing new innovations to market. Incubation services provide an entryway for entrepreneurs and companies to develop, test, commercialize, and launch new technologies. WET facilities include office, meeting, and

plug-and-play spaces.

The main goal of the Valley Ventures Accelerator is to help promote the growth of participating ventures starting with a strong focus on building healthy companies, solving real world issues, leveraging academic and public resources, and engaging private industry partners. During the cohort-based program, companies receive close engagement with entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the agriculture, water, and energy technology space. Mentors and speakers come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from successful founders, to experienced investors, to seasoned executives. Through these relationships, Valley Ventures helps to prepare companies to access investment opportunities, generate revenue, and establish a solid understanding of the industry.

Center For Irrigation Technology

The  Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT)  provides state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor testing facilities. For 40 years, CIT has worked with the public and private sector to advance irrigation technology, water/energy management practices, and standards. All activities reflect the need to integrate agricultural, environmental, and urban concerns.

The wide range of testing capabilities available in the 20,000 square feet of indoor lab space includes sprinklers, irrigation tape, drip emitters, valves (backflow prevention, air vent), pump performance, fire hydrants, controllers, hydro cyclone and screen/disc filters, and water meter performance. Field testing is also available on the Fresno State farm.

Hub Contact

Helle Petersen, Program Manager

California State University, Fresno
2911 E Barstow Ave M/S OF144
Fresno, CA 93740-8021

bluetechvalley @

Other Regional Resources

Farming Field

Fresno State’s Jordan Agricultural Research Center (JARC) is a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art research and education facility housing a variety of laboratory space designed to foster collaboration between some of the brightest minds in agriculture, engineering, science, and mathematics.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

The University Agricultural Laboratory (UAL) at Fresno State is a 1,000-acre working farm located adjacent to the campus. It includes 800 acres of trees, vines, and field crops. Additionally, two-hundred acres are devoted to a winery, dairy, and food processing facilities. The farm offers excellent opportunities to deploy a wide range of water- and energy-related technologies at production-level scale.

Watering the Garden

The Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has developed a track record of inspiring students, faculty, alumni, and entrepreneurs to implement their ideas and work towards a successful future. The Lyles Center assists innovators and entrepreneurs of all ages to develop and execute their ideas. The multitude of programs offered at the Lyles Center creates a unique network of accessible resources to advance entrepreneurship in the Central Valley.

Checking the Crops

The Office of Community & Economic Development (OCED) connects the community to the resources of Fresno State through data, research, industry insights, and connections to collaborators, investors, researchers, affiliates, and new markets.

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The Center for Irrigation Technology and the Water, Energy and Technology Center are working to bring the world the most innovative products and resource management tools through its many programs, including Valley Ventures, BlueTechValley.