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California State University, Bakersfield

CSU Bakersfield Small Business Development Center (SBDC) counselors offer individual advice and guidance concerning the formation, management, financing and operation of your business. Confidential counseling is provided at no charge to qualified businesses (the business must have less than 500 employees). Individuals who are considering starting a business are also eligible for counseling.


SBDC counselors have significant experience in the private sector, and many have extensive management and financial consulting backgrounds. Training and classes are offered in specialized subjects and management basics for new business ventures.

Sustainable Energy

California Energy Research Center (CERC)

The California Energy Research Center (CERC) expands their capabilities in this area with a collaboration between CSU Bakersfield faculty and students and the local energy-related industry and agencies for the benefit of the local community, the region, and the state of California. CERC has established programs in computer science, geosciences, engineering, statistical science, and economics. The center maintains extensive testing facilities including a scanning electron microscopy lab, geomaterial properties testing system, sediment analysis laboratory, X-ray diffractometry, and software simulations, GIS, and

other resources.


The Business Research and Education Center is a resource for faculty research projects, various student programs and projects, and the facilitation of interactive efforts and programs between/amongst the School of Business and Public Administration and a myriad of community, business and government interests throughout the regional

Kern County area.


Some of the ongoing programs include Family Business Institute, Kern County Technology Transfer Group, Kern County Export Development Program, and the Strategic Management Plan Program.

The Fabrication (Fab) Lab

The Fabrication (Fab) Lab is an advanced digital fabrication laboratory that consists of a suite of fabrication and rapid prototyping machines, including a large CNC Router (the shopbot), a 3D desktop mill and scanner, a vinyl cutter, a laser cutter, an electronics work bench, a 3D printer and the accompanying computers and software.

Hub Contact

White File Folders

Kelly Bearden, Director

CSU Bakersfield Small Business Development Center
1631 17th St. Suite 200
Bakersfield CA 93301

sbdc @

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