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BlueTechValley is Central California’s San Joaquin Valley -- its water-scarce climate fuels the need for extreme water efficiency, making it the ideal place to test, develop, and commercialize new technology.

Checking the Crops

The BlueTechValley Initiative

The future of agriculture begins in the Central Valley.

 In 2011, the BlueTechValley Initiative was established in Fresno – the heart of Central California’s San Joaquin Valley – home to a number of rural and urban communities, boasting a unique ecosystem that sustains a robust culture of water innovation. The San Joaquin Valley is the BlueTechValley. Its water-scarce climate fuels the need for extreme water efficiency, making it the ideal place to test, develop, and commercialize

new technology.

The purpose of the BlueTechValley Initiative is to spur growth and help turn entrepreneurial visions into real-world solutions for managing our finite resources: water and energy.

BlueTechValley activity is centered around The Water Energy and Technology (WET) Center. Located on the campus of Fresno State, The WET Center provides entrepreneurs and innovators the ability to test new products and to also access business and industry support systems to aid in the commercialization of new technologies.

Irrigation System

The BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster

The BlueTechValley: Central Valley Regional Innovation Cluster represents an expansion and interconnection of multiple incubators and/or entrepreneurship programs with services located at each of seven designated BlueTechValley Cluster Hubs, collectively serving 39 counties covering two-thirds of California’s geographic area. Funding for the new cluster is provided by a $5 million grant from the California Energy Commission.

The designated Hubs for the BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster are Fresno State, CSU Bakersfield, Chico State, Humboldt State University, CSU Monterey Bay, Sacramento State, and Sierra Small Business Development Center.

The BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster team includes Fresno State partners Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Office of Community and Economic Development, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, AgH2O, CleanTech Open, MOMENTUM, Kern County Economic Development Corporation, and Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University.

Our Programs

Take a look at our available programs.

Farming Field

BlueTechValley Plans, internally referred to as BTV Plans, are an opportunity to review the overall strength of your technology and business.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Apply for our Valley Ventures business accelerator program where you will work closely with industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs in the agriculture, water, and energy-technology space.

Watering the Garden

Our Technology Innovation Evaluation (TIE) Program provides a valuable product assessment and will help you develop a plan to propel your business forward.

Checking the Crops

The BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster is partnering with UC Davis to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to collaborate, develop, and test business visions and plans. The Big Bang! Business Competition also offers mentorship, team building, education, financing, and networking.

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Our Impact at a Glance
Our Hubs

A closer look at our BlueTechValley Cluster team.

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The Center for Irrigation Technology and the Water, Energy and Technology Center are working to bring the world the most innovative products and resource management tools through its many programs, including Valley Ventures, BlueTechValley.